Blowing up a storm at La Boutique Double Bay

We recently launched our MERMADE Hair Dryer. And to celebrate we teamed up with Sweaty Betty and La Boutique Double Bay to give some customers a first-hand look at the new tool. 

The MERMADE Hair Dryer uses ionic airflow technology to increase moisture retention, which protects hair from long term heat damage.

What makes ionic technology so, well, iconic? Ionic hair dryers emit negatively charged ions, which neutralises the hair’s atoms and breaks down the positively charged water molecules (bye, Felicia!). This type of technology dries hair faster, keeps the natural formation of waves and curls, and leaves hair silky and smooth.

The overall outcome? Long term heat-damage is prevented while drying your hair fast af. You’re welcome.

Alongside two speed settings and three heat settings, our hair dryer also comes with two concentrator attachments. All to suit your vibe and style.

Welcome to the MERMADE fam.