I Have Curly Hair and These are How Hot Tools Work on My Strands

Ahh, curls, I love my natural curl texture, and while it’s taken quite some time to get here, I have come to love the beauty of my bouncy ringlets.

I have 3A fine curls with medium porosity. In short, hydration is my friend and lightweight products are a must. So, learning to nurture my strands the best way has been a long process, and if you’re a curlfriend reading this, then you know the struggle of perfecting your styling routine, especially to minimise frizz.

Well, the struggle is over! Because I’ve spent decades learning what products work – from hot tools to styling serums and everything in between – so you no longer have to. 

The beauty about having curls is that every day is different in the mane department. I have the option to wear my hair naturally curly hair, or use hot tools to manipulate and play with my strands.

Straight, curly or wavy hair is at my fingertips. But it’s not worth doing if it’s not done right. Minimising damage to my curl pattern while still styling with hot tools has been key on my hair care journey.

How I Prep My Strands 

First and foremost, it’s all about prepping your hair on wash day! You may think that you can slap a little heat protectant on your locks and call it a day, but it actually starts a little earlier – you need to really prep your hair in the shower before anything else. You want something that nourishes hair and adds hydration, while giving your strands the styling protection it needs. This is where the Styling Shampoo and Styling Conditioner from Mermade’s haircare range comes in. It’s literally haircare for hot tools. Not only will this dynamic duo clarify the scalp and inject nutrients, it will keep hair hydrated, radiant and frizz-free. Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

How I use Hot Tools for Natural Curls 

I wear my hair naturally quite often, so when it comes to using hot tools for keeping my natural curls intact, my all-time favourite product to use is the Mermade Hair Dryer and Diffuser combo. I know I’m not alone in not wanting to leave the house with wet hair. Not only do I hate the feeling of water dripping down my back (*shudders*), I also don’t want the unnecessary frizz that comes with air-drying my curls. The diffuser is crucial to my styling because it gives me extra volume, it dries my hair quickly, and I don’t have my day ruined by all the extra frizz. Be sure to use Mermade’s Styling Primer to speed up drying time, protect your strands and inject moisture.

I recommend hovering over your wet roots first with the diffuser, and then once dry, cup your ends with the diffuser for that extra body-ody! 

How I Use a Hot Air Brush to Smooth Out Curls 

I’ll admit to missing my volume when my hair is straight, so I opt for the Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush when I’m wanting straight strands without compromising bounce. Once my hair is 75% dry from the Pre-Styling Dryer, I use the 60mm Volume Head and brush out from the roots to the ends to smooth out and straighten my curls, while adding bounce! I also make sure I section and re-spray with the Styling Primer for protection and hydration.

Can Curly Humans Use Triple-Barrel Wavers and Curling Irons?

Ummmm, curly babes can do everything! If I am feeling wavy beach energy (it’s a #hotgirlsummer), The Style Wand is my pick. To use the 28mm wave wand, I won’t straighten my hair beforehand, I can simply clamp over my curls and manipulate the strands that way.

Watch @melissafrusco wave her curly hair.


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Always, always, always use the Mermade Mist on each section before waving. It will first and foremost protect your hair from heat, while making hair ridiculously glossy and shiny. 

If I’m having a BCD (bad curl day), I’ll attach the 9mm Curling Tong to the Interchangeable Style Wand and touch up any curls that aren’t bouncing the way they should. If you’ve got 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a or 4b curls, the 9mm or 19mm attachment can help tidy up those unruly curls.


@mermadehair 9mm clampless and 19mm clamped curling attachments from the Style Wand on type 3C, afro 💕 #mermadehair #curler #curlyhair #hairtutorial ♬ original sound - Mermade Hair

After every styling session, I use the Super Serum. It’s a weightless formula, which is perfect for my fine hair, that adds moisture and shine.

Hot tip: a little goes a long way, rub between your palms and right to the fingertips to get a good spread to distribute evenly.

Every couple of wash days I use the Repair Mask to bring back that bounce and hydration. I highly encourage you to use it once a week for 12 weeks, then change to fortnightly use. Your curls with thank you! 

Adelle Cousins