How to get aesthetically drenched for the Looking Sweaty trend.

An iconic fashion memory unlocked – flashback to the 2019 Met Gala when the one and only Kim Kardashian arrived looking like she just emerged from the ocean. She blessed us with that mysterious ethereal mermaid vibe, and the media was talking about her look for weeks. Nay - years! Kim K’s iconic look still slays my Pinterest board until this very day as the Looking Sweaty trend truly is alive.

I know all my fellow oily skin sisters are gaping at the mouth – but hear me out! We’re talking about dewy skin, healthy-looking hair and radiant makeup that oozes low-key, off-duty supermodel vibes. It’s giving “I didn’t make a huge effort in looking this hot today… but I actually did.”  

Okay, you got my attention. But how do I make my hair look slick without looking like I just ran a marathon?! 

What you’ll need: 

A step-by-step guide to recreating Kim’s sweaty-girl look:

Step 1: Wash hair and use the Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush to dry hair. You won’t need to create volume for this look, so the Pre-Styling Dryer Attachment should work fine!

Step 2: Now, here’s the secret, you want to use both the 32mm Pro Waver and the 25mm Mini Pro Waver. Near the root, you want to start with the 32mm Pro Waver to give those sections a more smooth look. Then when you get to about chin length, introduce the 25mm Mini Pro Waver. Continue overlapping the last first waver barrel with the last wave bend for seamless waves.

Step 3: Once hair is dry – it’s time to load up on serum! Add a few drops of hair serum to your hands and rub palms together. Start adding the serum from mid-lengths to ends, and then whatever is leftover you can pull through the roots. Don’t be shy – the more serum you use, the wetter the look.


More into the pilates bun? Follow steps 1 and 2. Then use the Tail Comb to part hair in the middle and slick back into a bun. Use the Pony Gel in our Pony Kit to tame flyaways and frizz. 

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