Maria Thattil takes on Miss Universe

Original Mermade Maria Thattil will represent Australia in this year's Miss Universe competition in Florida on 16th May 2021.

Inclusivity and Equality

Representing Australia in the 69th Annual Miss Universe competition, Maria Thattil stands for inclusivity, equality, empowerment and diversity.

Maria's podcast series Mind With Me started as a passion project at the height of COVID in May 2020, where she created weekly episodes about social and cultural matters that impacted her viewers.

Gaining a huge social media following after winning Miss Universe Australia, Maria uses her platforms to voice socio-political issues that affect minorities in society and pledges to raise awareness to impact change. As one of the first Mermade Hair ambassadors, we are proud to support her 100% of the way.

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Maria Thattil x Mermade Hair

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 Photos courtesy of @mariathattil