If you are feeling like you have been wanting to enhance your self care a little bit more, this 2024 trend might be for you! After spending last year dying my hair, applying excessive heat products to style, and neglecting my locks a little bit, I’ve gone on a search for hairstyles that are cute whilst keeping it a little more natural.

The bed hair/ undone look caught my eye when I saw Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner really embracing the look of natural kinks and waves. The style features the waves and curls in a more relaxed look. I wanted to know how I could achieve this wavy volumized bed hair look, and now I’ve accumulated all the best tips and tricks to share with you!

Additional products that can be used to style the look:

How to achieve bed hair:

  1. Start with a strong hair care routine - Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask.
  2. We recommend our Mermade products for smooth silky locks.
  3. Allow for your hair to Air dry naturally.
  4. Use heatless curls kit, for further definition whilst lessening the use of heat.
  5. For further definition add curls and bend with Straightener OR 32mm Waver
  6. Lastly optionally finish with some texturising spray.

The undone/ Bed hair style is a versatile look that can be customised for a range of hair textures and haircuts whether you have curly, short, long, or pin straight hair. It is a great option for low-maintenance, less damage and an effortlessly stylish look.