Octopus Clip - Finally, a claw clip for long/thick hair

The trending claw clips are an ode to the 90’s clip hairstyle, which most recently was re-instated as the go to hair accessory of this generation! Clips can be seen featured in numerous featured 90’s/2000’s films styled and worn by some of our favourites, Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and many more.

The clip hairstyle is one of the many turn-of-the-millennium trends that we are loving! Not only are the clips super cute for any occasion, but they are also very practical.

We have seen a variety of clips, claw clips, butterfly clips, snap clips all different colours and prints. These clips are usually best suited to mid-length, medium thickness hair.

Now we have the Octopus Clip! This clip is designed for long thick hair, which can be used for hair extensions. This clip is built to be on the larger side with thicker wider “teeth” on the clip. This allows for more hair to secured in the clip without pulling or adding any damage to the hair.

Introducing… The Octopus Clip

Hairstyles that can be created with the Octopus Clip:

The Messy French Twist Octopus Clip Hairstyle

– Perfect for people with long thick hair!

This hairstyle can be easily achieved within 5 minutes. Twist the locks into a spiral and secure with a clip, however let a few sections slightly hang out of the clip to create the achieved messy effortless look.

High Ponytail Octopus Clip Hairstyle

– Adding volume to a high ponytail is so easy with this clip!

Collect all hair as though you were to tie into a ponytail, now add the clip to the section the hair tie would be placed and lock the style into place. This will allow the hair to flow down and create volume.

Pulled Half Back Octopus Clip Hairstyle

– A cute and classy hairstyle!

Drag your Octopus clip from one side to gather a section of hair and meet with the opposite side’s section to close in the middle. Keeping all hair out of the face, this hairstyle is so practical whilst adds a feminine and classy feel to enhance any look.

Braided Half Up Octopus Clip Hairstyle

– Braids and half up, changing up your everyday look!

Braid the side sections of your head starting at the roots on either side, leaving half the hair down. Use the clip to secure both the braided sections to meet at the middle towards the back of the head.

Half Up Messy Bun Hairstyle

– Simple yet so stylish!

Section hair in half, twisting the top section in a messy bun. Secure the bun into place with the Octopus Clip. For extra detailing pull out the front sections for some subtle face framing.