Sleek and Straight Hair will never go out of fashion

Let's dive into the timeless appeal of sleek and straight locks. Regardless of your age or style preferences, there's an undeniable charm to this classic look that continues to captivate everyone.

In a world where trends seem to shift like the wind, the enduring popularity of sleek and straight hair speaks volumes. At any age, the versatility of straight locks is a major win. Whether you're stepping into a professional meeting, a laid-back weekend gathering, or a formal event, this hairstyle seamlessly adapts, proving that simplicity can be the epitome of elegance. It's a style that whispers confidence and pulls together any ensemble, making it a go-to choice for those days when you want to look effortlessly put-together.

Achieving that sleek look is more accessible than ever with the right tools and products. Mermaid’s Iconic Hair Straightener, a dash of heat protectant - these are the keys to unlocking a salon-worthy finish in the comfort of your own home.

What you need to know about the Iconic Straightener:

  • Floating plates – 28mm smooth floating plates feature flexible springs to suit all hair types, lengths and textures
  • Lightweight design so light to take with you anywhere
  • Temperature control with heat options between 130°C – 230°C / 265°F – 450°F
  • Rounded edges to enhances ability to curl while preventing snagging and tugging
  • Ionic technology to helps to seal your hair cuticle, create shine and curb flyaways
  • Ceramic plates to ensures styled hair is long-lasting, silky + shiny and won’t cause unnecessary damage to hair
  • Advanced heat technology – heats up extra fast and provides even heat distribution
  • Powerful – 100-240V~, 50/60HZ, 45W
  • Auto shut-off – automatically turns off after 1-hour

Let's get into how to achieve the best straight locks

Step 1

Fire up your Iconic Straightener, dialing in the perfect heat setting. Hit the ‘+’ to turn up the heat or ‘-’ to cool things down. Remember, the thicker and frizzier the locks, the hotter it should be.

Step 2

Begin with dry hair, giving it a spritz while brushing through a heat protectant. We're all about keeping that hair healthy to ward off any damage.

Step 3

Divide your mane into upper and lower sections for a smoother glide. Grab a one-inch strand, secure it between the ceramic plates, and slide down.

Pro tip

For that extra sleek finish, introduce a brush! Take that one-inch section, position the brush at the roots, and follow through with the straightener for flawlessly straight locks.

Step 4

Once your entire head is styled to perfection, hit the ‘OFF’ button and let the straightener cool down. Seal the deal with a touch of Super Serum, ensuring your hair stays moisturized and sports a brilliant shine.

You've just unlocked the secret to the ultimate straight hair game!

While trends may come and go, there's a comforting reassurance in knowing that sleek and straight locks will always have a place in the ever-evolving world of beauty. It's a reliable companion that stands the test of time, ready to enhance your natural beauty with a touch of sophistication.