The Ultimate Travel Essentials

If you’re planning your next getaway… probably Europe or Bali… I’m very jealous.
Whilst packing your clothes, cute bikinis, and toiletries… don’t forget about your hair!
We have the perfect trio of products to keep your hair looking fabulous whether you’re walking the streets of London or climbing the stairs in Greece.

Or maybe you’re just a busy gal and don’t always have time to do your hair at home. These products will help keep your hair looking its best on the go!

1: USB-C Curling Tong

For styling your hair on-the-go, introducing our newest tool… the portable curling tong!

Now you can achieve waves, curls and ringlets in one tool, anywhere.

This powerful curler is charged via USB-C, which is perfect for travelling because you probably already use this charger for your phone or laptop, meaning you don’t need to bring another cord with you. The curler heats up in 60 seconds, features multiple heat settings, and has 30 minutes of usage time. It also comes with a spiral heat resistant cover to ensure the barrel stays protected and provides extra heat safety.

This powerful little tool can be used in different ways to achieve waves, curls or even ringlets. Even if you’re not travelling, this tool is perfect for touch-ups on the go. Just throw it into your bag (with the cover) and you’re ready to style away.Travel Curling Tong

2: USB-C Velcro Rollers

Picture this… you’ve spent the morning styling your hair… done some touristy exploring (or maybe just had work) during the day, and now it’s 6pm and your once-fab blowout is looking quite drab.

The Portable Roller Duo will be your best friend for touching up your hair throughout the day.

The rollers are also powered by USB-C connection and warm up in just 2 minutes. Simply roll your hair and secure with the silicone ring. The silicone elastic means you don’t have to use extra pins or clips either. Your hair will set in just 5 minutes, but I suggest leaving them for 30 minutes whilst you’re doing your makeup. Remove the rollers and you will be left with bouncy curls and waves.usbc roller duo

These tiny, compact rollers are perfect for throwing in your bag, on-the-go and have a cool-down feature to ensure they don’t stay hot in your bag.

This is my favourite tool for bringing back some volume and touching up my fringe throughout the day.

Both the Roller Duo and Curling Tong are cordless, making travel so much easier and convenient.

And there you have it… the ultimate travel trio. These products will help keep your hair healthy, style and maintain your hair whilst you’re on the go.

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