Emma Chamberlain's Waves Are as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our signature, easy peasy, go-to waves have been embodied by none other than youthful style icon Emma Chamberlain. With long tousled waves, a deep v-neck leather jacket and blooming Californian palms lining the background, Emma channels an enviable cool-girl chic in her latest campaign with TMRW Magazine.

Whilst we cannot transport you all to Los Angeles to live out your greatest teen dreams, we can give you a quick and easy guide to how celebrity hair stylist Laura Polko (@laurapolko) was able to achieve these luscious waves. All you’ll need is a heat-protectant spray, our best-selling 32mm Pro Waver and a fan for you to effortlessly flip your hair around in for full effect.



Step 1- Prep that mane!

Apply Mermade Mist or a heat protectant to dry hair. Flip the waver so your thumb is on the lever. Hair that is one-day old tends to work the best.

Step 2 - Clamp, release, repeat.

Section the hair into 1-inch sections. You can use whatever clips or hair bands you have lying around to section hair, but grip clips (in particular, Mermade Grip Clips) work great. Clamp the hair and hold for 2-5 seconds. Smaller sections will give more defined waves, but if you're after a looser, more wind swept wave, then we recommend slightly bigger sections. 

Step 3 - A damn hot selfie.

Set the hair with Mermade Mist for extra hold + shine. Style your mane to suit your own unique vibe, and find that sweet lighting. Snap a pic and make sure to tag us @mermade.hair.