Three Looks we're taking from Australian Fashion Week

Australian Fashion Week (AFW) has wrapped, and we are buzzing with inspiration! From the runways to the streets, the hair trends were nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re a fashion girlie, beauty aficionado or someone that just wants REALLY good hair, we’ve got you covered with these three, easy to replicate hairstyles using our fave Mermade tools.

1. Big Bouncy curls featuring the Mermade Spin

OOTD or Hair-OTD? Although we love both, we definitely pick the latter.

First up we have the glamourous bouncy curls that always gets everyone talking. This look is all about the volume and movement, perfect for adding a touch of glam for those day or night runway shows.

How to recreate:

Prep: start with clean, dry hair. Apply a primer to shield your locks from any stress, pollution and humidity.

Tool: Grab your Mermade Hair Spin - the automatic rotating wand. Making it easy to get the perfect it-girl curls. Simply press the button to rotate the barrel left or right to create your curls in seconds.

Technique: Section your hair with the Mermade Hair Grip Clips to focus on one area at a time.

Finish: Using you Mermade Hair Wave Comb, comb through your hair for a bouncier and more voluminous look.

2. Effortless waves for short hair with the Mermade Hair Double Waver

Bus, runway, another runway, another runway, plane, next place, bus, runway… For all the short hair girlies with the signature Lady Gaga bob, we got you covered!

Here’s how to create effortless waves that add texture and movement to short hairstyles.

How to recreate:

Prep: start with dry hair and use a primer for extra protection to your mane.

Tool: Grab your Mermade Hair Double Waver to create the best waves in seconds. The compact design is perfect for babes with that iconic bob cut.

Technique: Clamp small sections of your hair with the double waver, starting close to the roots. Hold for a few seconds and release. Using the Jumbo No Crease Clips, keep the waves in place as you continue to get ready.

Finish: Spray with a heat mist to create texture and shiny, envy-worthy waves.

3. Soft Undone Waves with the Mermade Hair 32mm Pro Waver

And last but not least, the signature Mermade Look - soft, undone waves that gives fashion it-girl, model off-duty vibes. Perfect for that minimal effort, maximum effect look.

Here is how to recreate this, using the star of the show, our 32mm Mermade Pro Hair Waver.

How to recreate:

Prep: You already know the deal… Clean and dry hair + a primer = healthy hair unlocked!

Tool: Use your Mermade Hair 32mm Pro Hair Waver to create big, shiny, bouncy waves in seconds.

Technique: Use the Mermade Hair Claw Clip in pink to hold half your hair whilst you work on the other half. Hold the clamp under your hair with the barrels facing up, clamp for a few seconds, then release.

Finish: To create that effortless wavy look, brush your hair thoroughly with the Everyday Brush and you’re ready to go.

And there you have it! Three stunning AFW looks that you can easily recreate with Mermade Hair tools.

The world is your runway and having great hair is your best accessory. Happy styling!

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