How To Hold Your Mermade

Holding your Mermade PRO to create big beautiful waves isn't an art form, it's super easy and we're gonna show you how!

There are two ways you can hold your waver depending on what works for you. We do recommend using it in a flipped position as it is easier when styling on yourself and doesn't create a crease line.

Flipped Position

Your thumb is on the soft-touch handle and the safety stand is facing outward. Holding the waver in this flipped position will allow for easier self-styling as you can see the hair through the barrels so you can clamp each wave seamlessly. It also means the first wave bend goes downward creating a very natural look.

Upright Position

Your pointer finger is on the soft touch handle and the safety stand is facing inward. This way sees the very first bend go up instead of down which can create less of a wave. Using the waver this way can be more tricky as you cannot see where the hair is. We suggest using the flipped position. 


Stop the Crease Line

When starting the first wave, make sure you hold the waver with some slack in the hair to avoid getting a creased line. If the hair is pulled tight and is on a harsh angle into the barrels, it can cause a crease. Always hold the waver on the same angle so you get an even look on both sides of your hair. It’s a good idea to hold it parallel to the head so you do not create any harsh lines.

Styling tips

  • To create a perfect seamless wave, re-clamp/overlap the last wave bend so you get a continuous even pattern of waves.
  • Start your waves at different levels to achieve different looks. You can start at the very top of the scalp, eye level, cheek bone or at the jawline depending on what look you are going for.
  • Make sure to leave a little slack at the roots to avoid a crease line in the hair. For more styling tips and tricks head to our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Watch this How-To video with Eileen Cassidy on how to use the PRO Waver. Plot twist: she literally styled her hair in 7-minutes!