Waves vs Curls

It’s 2021. Technology has advanced, Zoom dates are in, and hair definitely needs to be on fleek. The biggest question arises, are you going to rock the waves or dabble in curls? And furthermore, what is the difference between the two?

To simplify, wavers and curlers differ depending on the look you are going for. So we’re going to delve deeper into what exactly makes them different.  

The Tool

When looking at the two different tools it’s pretty obvious that they look different.

Wavers are tongs with three barrels (hence why they’re commonly called triple-barrel wavers) that clamp the hair in sections for deeper waves. Wavers work more like crimpers; you clamp, hold, move down, release… clamp, hold, move down, release. We have both a 32mm PRO Waver and a 25mm PRO Waver – different barrel sizes for different looks.

Mermade 32mm PRO Waver

Mermade 25mm MINI PRO Waver


Curling wands consist of a single barrel where the hair is wrapped around it. To use, you portion sections of your hair and wrap it around the wand. Traditionally you need the ability to determine your ‘left’ and ‘rights’ while adding a bit of dexterity for even curls. Well, that was true before the Mermade Spin was launched! Now all you have to do is clamp, press either ‘L’ or ‘R’, let the automatic curling action do the work, and release!

Mermade Spin 


The Look

Waves and curls are different. By how?

The hair strands in waves tend to be manipulated into an ‘S’ shape. These waves are softer than curls and can be big and bouncy or tight and rippled depending on the barrel size you use and also how big the section you put through the barrels.

@tammyhembrow with the 32mm PRO Waver

Curled hair has more of a ringlet/coiled shape from being wrapped around the barrel. They can be left neat and tight or brushed out for softer, bouncier curls. Different sized curling wands will create a different type of curl.

@shannonhope_makeupartist after using the Spin

Both waves and curls are created by applying heat to the hair shaft. The best way to protect your hair from that heat is by prepping your hair with our heat-protectant spray, the Mermade Mist.

32mm barrels vs 25mm barrels vs curling iron